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Even more focus with Toodledo Highlighter v1.1

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After some work with Toodledo Highlighter I found it a little bit frustrating to have always only limited set of fields. Of course I can always switch between views and setup visible fields, but for small fixes it takes too long. So I added some new feature and released version 1.1. Now you can choose More Focus Enabled option that will hide all undefined fields (like None, no date, etc.). Plus when you mouse over it – it will show all fields in normal grid layout. I also added some other minor features. Here is the full list of changes in version 1.1:

  • Option “More Focus Enabled” that hides undefined fields (when you mouseover row – all fields would be shown at once)
  • Priority “0 Low” is also treated as undefined
  • Location field support
  • Timer field support
  • General interaction improvements

I also created dedicated page for the extension:

Toodledo Highlighter

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Written by tenshi

March 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm

Posted in GTD, Productivity, Toodledo

Getting Focused with Toodledo Highlighter Google Chrome Extension

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I recently discovered very interesting task manager – Toodledo. I’m using GTD to boost my productivity and I find that with Toodledo you can actually implement any workflow you want nicely. And, as always, nothing comes without problems. I find user interface a little bit outdated and impacted with lots of functionality. I hope it will be improved in future, but for now I tried to fix one of the aspects of this. For me it was hard to focus on on concrete set of fields I want to work with. In multi-line mode you can’t see all of them (only when you expand task, but then it becomes even harder to focus). In the table mode, from the other hand, you can see all of them at once and they all look the same. I find it difficalt to focus on some set of fields without some visual hints like colors or icons. So I decided to fix this with google chrome plugin. I decided to share it with everybody, so feel free to install it from this page. Hope you also will find it helpful, any feedback is highly appreciated!

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Written by tenshi

March 10, 2011 at 12:17 am

Posted in GTD, Productivity, Toodledo